Targeted, customized and optimized advertising

Natural Search

Considered to be one of today's top optimized natural search EDU portals, is able to draw the most targeted education prospects.

Visitors are actively and intelligently seeking education information. Once they browse the site, they need to go through a series of steps to arrive at your contact form. This click-deep design ensures that only the prospects who are highly motivated will convert into leads.

Next, a series of validations are employed to ensure that all data supplied is valid. The leads are checked for accuracy before they are sent to you. This helps your representatives to make the best use of their time, enrolling new students.

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Dedicated Landing Pages

LGTechNet is offering a customized landing page service. Using a dedicated page ensures there are no other advertisers on the site. Your campaign enjoys 100% of the user's attention. Only the most targeted traffic is driven to the page resulting in the highest quality of leads.